About us

Hey, hey, mi gente! 


We are siters born and raised in Texas, from Mexican and Guatemalan parents. This makes us first generation Americans also refered to as "Chicanas". Our little brother completes 'Los Tres Mosqueteros'. Despite our age diferences, we have always been close. We grew up closer to our Mexican heritage and it absolutely has a special place in our hearts and lives today. La familia es todo y compartimos la idea que 'la union hace la fuerza'. 


Throughout the years we have shared the knowledge we have gained along the way with one another - between siblings, los primos and friends. Now, we want to take it a step further. Queremos compartir nuestras experiencias y asi ayudar aquellos que esten pasando por lo que hemos pasado y dar luz a temas que no comunmente se discuten. 


Hispanos With Power is a podcast we hope will empower our community through knowledge and encouragement. Esperamos les guste. :)


Sigan hechandole ganas. Recuerden, somos Hispanos With Power! 


Nos vemos. Hope to see you there!